MSV’s Message

Nguyen Bich Hang - Country Director, Marie Stopes Viet Nam, MBA, LLB, BA English

In 2016, Marie Stopes launched our 2020 strategy “Scaling-Up Excellence” to redefine how we intend to reduce unmet need for contraception in the developing world, and ensure that everywhere abortion is needed it is safe and available. Three pillars of the strategy include: 1) Scale and Impacts; 2) Quality; 3) Sustainability.

To achieve the Scale and Impact factor, Marie Stopes Vietnam (MSV) is providing direct services to customers to address unmet needs. MSV will continue providing services to 'never-used-before' customers, as well as to those who currently access services.

To achieve the Quality factor, MSV will ensure that all operations and non-operations are conducted by qualified personnel who have been trained and adhere to the highest clinical standards. MSV will not compromise on minimum safety standards and will always see customers as the most important consideration.

MSV's mission cannot be fulfilled if we are not able to sustain the effort in the long run. To achieve the factor of Sustainability, MSV will continue to increase revenues from services and distributing social marketing products to generate surplus and reinvest in programs and services for poor people. MSV will focus on strengthening health systems and effectively managing funding sources, to ensure integrity and maximize the value of each dollar.


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