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Cost-benefit analysis of providing FP services for the venerable populations

The family planning (FP) program has achieved great success in terms of controlling the population growth rate in Vietnam. The stabilization of the population has undoubtedly contributed to the national economic development and to the improvement in the quality of life of Vietnamese people in the past years. However, these results have not yet been quantified. This study aimed at estimating the net social benefit (NSB) of providing FP services (or contraception services) for vulnerable populations. The findings will be used as evidence for advocacy to improve utilization and accessibility of public family planning (FP) services by inclusion of FP services in the health insurance scheme. This is necessary in the context of the decrease in financial support to the FP program from the government and international donors. The limitation of free FP services will probably affect sustainability of the program, especially in disadvantaged areas of the country, such as the study sites, Dam Rong (Lam Dong) and Minh Hoa (Quang Binh).

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