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Medical abortion among public providers

Objective: To assess public service providers’ knowledge ofmedical abortion(MA) and practices, and perspectives on expanding the use of MA to primary and secondary health facilities in Vietnam. 

A cross-sectional study was conducted via an interviewer-administered questionnaire among abortion providers (n = 905) from public health facilities between August 2011 and January 2012. 

Overall, 31.1% of providers performed both surgical and medical abortions; 68.9% offered only surgical abortion. Providers were knowledgeable about the regimen/dosage of mifepristone plus misoprostol regimen; however, knowledge scores were low for gestational age limits for MA, adverse effects of the combined drug regimen, and safety and effectiveness of MA compared with surgical abortion. Knowledge scores were significantly lower among providers in rural
areas than among those in urban settings. A large proportion of providers (82.9%) thought that MA should be expanded to primary and secondary health facilities. Perceived barriers to MA expansion included lack of knowledge and training, qualified staff, adequate drug supplies, equipment, or facilities, guidelines and protocols on MA, and patient awareness. 

Provision of MA in Vietnam was found to be disproportionate to surgical abortion provision.
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