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Medical abortion practices among private providers

Objective: To describe medical abortion (MA) practices among private providers in Vietnam.
Methods: Women undergoing early MA through 12 private providers in Hanoi during February-June 2012 (n=258) were interviewed on the day of their procedure and followed-up by telephone 14 days after mifepristone administration.
Results: Of the 258 women in the study, 97% used a regimen of mifepristone plus misoprostol; 80% were instructed to administer misoprostol at home. MA resulted in complete termination in 90.8% of cases. All women were provided with information on potential complications, and were instructed to return for a follow-up visit; 39.5% of women used a helpline service, while 7% sought help from a health provider. We successfully followed up 77.5% (n=200) of participants by telephone, while nearly two-thirds of women returned to the clinic for a follow-up visit. High unmet need for post-abortion family planning was identified.
Conclusion: Improving follow-up of women and post-abortion care and family planning have been identified as important areas to address for strengthening MA services in the private sector in Vietnam.
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