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Risk factors for repeat abortion

Objective: To determine predictors of repeat abortion in 3 provinces in Vietnam. 

In a cross-sectional study between August and December 2011, women who underwent abortion were interviewed after the procedure in 62 public health facilities in Hanoi, Khanh Hoa, and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). Information on sociodemographic factors, contraceptive and reproductive history and intentions, and opinions and experience of abortion services was collected. The primary outcome was repeat (≥2) abortions. 

Overall, 1224 women were interviewed: 534 from Hanoi, 163 from Khanh Hoa, and 527 from HCMC. The mean age and parity of the respondents were 29 years and 1.8, respectively, and 79.6% were married. Approximately half of the respondents were not using contraception before pregnancy. The prevalence of repeat abortion was 31.7%. In multivariate models, significant predictors of repeat abortion included living in Hanoi, higher parity, age 35 years or older, and having 2 or more daughters (versus 1) or no sons (versus 1) after controlling for parity (all P b 0.05).

Repeat abortion remains high in Vietnam, fueled partly by inadequate contraceptive use. Son preference seems to be an important predictor of repeat abortion. Strengthening post-abortion contraceptive counseling and promoting long-acting contraceptive methods are essential to reduce repeat abortion.
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