Case Study

Contraceptive Implants Help Maintain Family Happiness

Ms. Le Thi Thanh, who is 32 years old and a worker at Pou Sung factory, had an unintended pregnancy with a third child when her first child was only 9 years old and her second child was only 2 years.

Her husband, who was a driver, had to stay at home to care for her during this time. Her worker wage was spent on living expenses for the whole family of 5 people, life was very difficult. She feared if an unintended pregnancy were to happen again it would be very heartbreaking and even more difficult if this occurred during a time of sickness or financial hardship. This concerned weighed so heavily on both spouses that she and her husband had to sleep in separate bedrooms, even though they knew this would affect their family’s happiness.
After returning to work, she was advised by the Peer Educators at the factory to use an implant as a contraceptive method. The workers who had been using contraceptive implants also said they were pleased about the method.
At the mobile health checks by BlueStar at the factory, she was referred to the leaflets and was advised by the doctors of the effectiveness of contraceptive implants, which made her become more determined and confident when using this method of contraception. The price to have a contraceptive implant inserted ranges from 2.5 to 3 million VND, equal to a whole month's salary for a worker. Thanks to the program financed by UNFPA and BlueStar, the price is now only 500,000 VND for low-income clients, and 100,000 VND for poor clients. Therefore, workers like Ms. Thanh can now have access to the service, and regain family happiness once again.
Very excitedly she told us, "From now on my husband and I no longer fear an unintended pregnancy and are free to pursue family happiness. I encourage all female workers, particularly those like me who do not want any more children, to use this method of contraception."
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