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Rural women: taking chances controlling their own lives

 Nguyen Thi Lan, 45, has 3 children, the oldest one is now 25. Making her living by farming and fishing, Lan is not able to afford reproductive health and family planning services. Until 2010, Lan had never used any long-acting contraceptive methods, therefore. She does use short term methods and gets them from a place she trusts, the clinic of Doctor Pham Thi Thu Huyen, located in Kien Thuy, Hai Phong city. This clinic has been a member of BlueStar social franchise network since 2010. 

“I have never met such a nice and caring person like Dr Huyen, she always treats me nicely despite the fact that I usually do not have enough money to pay for her. Even one time after using the service in her clinic, I left without paying, Dr. Huyen still asked my acquaintance a favor of giving me pills from her clinic because she was afraid that I didn’t receive enough care after the treatment. I really appreciate what Dr Huyen has done for me”, Lan emotionally said.

Trusting in Dr. Huyen and her clinic, Bui Thi Phuong, Lan’s oldest daughter, also regularly attends to the clinic. “I was told by my mother that Dr Huyen is a respectful person and my mother really admires her. She is also an excellent doctor, so like my mother, I just want to come to Dr Huyen’s clinic any time I need to receive reproductive healthcare services. Thanks to her, now I know how to take care of myself”, 25 year old Bui Thi Phuong affirmed. 
Phuong was also vocal in in her community about IUD SMS Vouchers Program. This program gives women like Phuong opportunities to use contraception at a reduced price, the package also includes free reproductive health check. Phuong could not hide her happiness taking part in this program: “how wonderful when women who have low-income like me can access contraception at affordable price, I will tell other women in my community so that they can also use the services, I feel truly happy”. 
Doctor Huyen also shared her thoughts: “Every woman has the right of to plan to have a child and make choices about the way they live their lives. This IUD SMS Vouchers program of BlueStar lets women be able to decide when they are ready to have children. I know that family planning has made such a change to lives of many women like Lan and Phuong. I hope in the future, with the supports from BlueStar, more women can access modern contraceptive methods”.
In 2014, as a owner of BlueStar Social Franchise Clinic, Doctor Huyen was awarded “The most enthusiastic member of BlueStar network in supporting community”
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