Corporate Health Program

Jubilance at the “Workers’ Reproductive Health Gala”

On 11 March 2011, hundreds of workers in Pou – Chen factory were invited to a special event: “Workers’ Reproductive Health Gala” organized by MSIVN, VNCRH and the Pou factory Chen in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai.

Representatives of the Pou Chen factory, MSIVN, VNCRH, and Dong Nai DOH participated in the Gala Night. The Gala Night attracted active participation by a high number of factory workers with many useful activities, especially “Dance for Life” performed by workers that roused the atmosphere considerably. The “Quiz with Reward” game of the counselor-medical doctor receieved enthusiastic participation by the workers, especially the young female workers. The Gala Night ended with the “Lottery with Reward” game.

It was an important event that began a series of activities within the cooperative program between Pou –Chen factory, MSIVN and VNCRH with the topic “Improving reproductive and sexual health for the workers through capacity building in Pou Chen factory, Dong Nai, Viet Nam”.

With financial support from the Pou Chen Group, the cooperation program will be implemented over 3 years, from December 2010 to December 2013. The project’s specific objectives include: improving worker access to basic RH information and services; improving the quality of RH information and services; enhancing choices in RH services and improving worker satisfaction regarding the availability of RH information and services.

The Multi-sided cooperative program promises to bring many practical benefits to the workers in particular and Vietnamese people in general to support the comprehensive development of the country.

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