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Opening the 11th MSI clinic in Viet Nam

Vietnam, April 15, 2013 – Today, Marie Stopes International in Vietnam (MSIVN), in collaboration with Centre for Community Reproductive Heath in Vietnam (VNCRH), celebrated the opening of a new clinic in Dong Nai province, bringing the total number of clinics in the network to eleven.

This is a significant event to support a current project “Improve the welfare of the workers and the community via a sexual and reproductive healthcare program in Dong Nai Province, Viet Nam”, funded by the Pou Chen Group – one of the largest corporations in Taiwan.

The Dong Nai Province is located in the key industrial area of the south of Viet Nam, where economic development is accelerating rapidly across approximately 30 industrial zones. Today this is a hub of over 500,000 employees, of which a half are low-income migrant workers. The Pou Chen factory has approximately 30,000 workers, 85% of which are female and approximately 50% aged 20 – 25. The demand and unmet need for reproductive health and family planning information and quality services is very highamongst this group. The MSI Pou Chenclinic in Dong Nai will be highly accessible and has been developed to meet the specific needs of the factory workers as well as the widerDong Nai community.This event also marks the first major step in MSIVN’s engagement with the corporate sector to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and respond to community need.

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