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Opportunity for free gynecological examinaton or antenatal care for women

On the occasion of the launching ceremony of the new Client Care Center (1900 55 88 82), during the period between May 30 and June 30, 2012, MSI clinics providing RH/FP services in 9 provinces/cities throughout the country are offering free gynecological examinations and antenatal care for women who register for this program.

In order to join the program, women can send a message to 1900 55 88 82 and follow the instructions.

Starting operation in 2009, the Client Care Center is the bridge between MSIVN clinics and women in need of quality RH/FP information and services. The centre deals with more than 20,000 telephone calls each year. Over 50% of calls are about clients’ questions regarding RH/FP, 30% are about safe abortions and around 20% are about information relating to services and the clinic network as well as booking.

In order to provide better services for our clients, in May 2012, our new Client Care Center (1900 55 88 82) was officially put into operation replacing the previous number. The change brought in many advantages such as addtional functionality for message sending, reduced calling/message sending costs and extended service time (from 7h30 to 20.00 Monday to Sunday).

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