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To be honored with certificate of merit conferred by Ministry of Health

On the afternoon of 13 January 2012, authorized by Minister of Health, Dr. Duong Quoc Trong, General Director of General Office for Population and Family Planning conferred certificates on individuals and international organizations that have excellent merits and have made great contributions to the population and FP (PFP) cause in Viet Nam. Together with other organizations such as PATH, UNFPA, GIZ, DKT, etc., MSIVN headed by Madame Nguyen Thi Bich Hang, Country Representative was also honored to receive this certificate. This is a noble reward and recognition from the national health sector acknowledges the valuable and practical contribution made by MSIVN in and the international organizations working in population and FP.

With its long experience of more than 20 years working and contributing to RH care and FP services for the Vietnamese people, MSIVN has implemented diversified intervention programs including technical assistance and capacity building for public health personnel. MSIVN has also implemented development projects addressing the unmet need of women, particularly groups with low income, difficult living conditions, in remote and disadvantaged areas. This is achieved through its network of 10 static clinics in 9 provinces/cities as well as outreach RH/FP services in 30 provinces/cities. MSIVN is also a pioneer in the development of initiatives aimed at maximizing access of women and their families to high-quality RH-FP information and services. Creative approaches such as Social Franchising models, public-private partnerships, output-based aid, service vouchers, etc. are highly appreciated by leaders in the health sector, the relevant agencies and local people as well.

In this ceremony, Dr. Duong Quoc Trong said: “Population and Family Planning work in Viet Nam in the last 50 years has made remarkable achievements. The people working in population in the world have Population Day (11 November) while Viet Nam has 2 days (11 November and 26 December). On the other hand, from 2010 onward, Viet Nam has had National Action Month for Population (December). Since the decision on “guided delivery” was issued, the Party and Government of Viet Nam has shown their special interest in this work. Many high-ranking leaders of the Party and Government undertake important responsibilities such as the Chairman of the National Committee for Population and Family Planning. Since 1992, we have had a network of full time staff working in PFP from the central to local levels. In recent years, PFP has been strengthened both in terms of organizational capacity and funding sources. On the occasion of the 50th annual anniversary of the PFP sector in Viet Nam, the President of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam conferred the First-Class Independence Medal on the Population sector. When evaluating achievements in PFP, we drew 20 lessons learnt. One of these lessons learnt is wholehearted and effective support from partner countries and international organizations in sharing their experience in technology and finance”. On this occasion, on behalf of PFP, Dr. Duong Quoc Trong showed his deep gratitude to the countries and international organizations for their support to Vietnam PFP in the last years: “We hope to continue to receive more effective and closer support in the forthcoming years”.

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